You’ve heard of the famed RPG series Final Fantasy (over and over again), but now get ready for the cheap, K-Mart knock-off: Last Idea. Except there’s one bizarre detail. If this familiar-sounding game is real and in development, it’s not being made by a copycat, but by Final Fantasy developer Square Enix themselves.

Square Enix recently filed a trademark for “Last Idea” related to video games. Around the same time that the trademark became publicly available, a Twitter account with the handle LASTIDEA_RPG surfaced in Japan. It currently has no tweets, and it is not yet confirmed that Square Enix owns the account, but the timing and nature of it make it seem likely.

If the Twitter account indeed belongs to Square Enix, they may be preparing for an announcement sometime in the near future. Although with Square Enix… who honestly knows. Let’s hope they’re ready for the barrage of jokes that they’re sure to endure based on the silly naming choice. And to think some people thought they were all out of ideas…

Source: Resetera

Ben Lamoreux


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