There hasn’t been a single bad video game movie. From the Resident Evil franchise to Happy Madison’s Pixels to the recent revival of Hitman, every single cinematic adaptation of a video game has been met with critical acclaim, box office success, and are widely considered to be some of the best films ever made. So why not keep going?

Straight Up Films has acquired the rights to create a movie based on the Square Enix franchise
Thief. Thief: the franchise whose last reboot was a commercial and critical failure. Thief: a series with an iconic protagonist named Garrett who anyone can recognize. Thief: a game that hasn’t been relevant in over a decade. But hey, when has a person ever seen a movie based on a video game and thought “Why should this exist?” Never! Maybe Thief will be able to get the Oscar love that Hitman: Agent 47 never got!

Producer Roy Lee is attached to the project. His credits include
The LEGO Movie and The Ring. His current projects include The Minecraft Movie and Death Note. The writers behind the film Misconduct, which is a small film with bad reviews that very few people have heard of, are working on the script.

I don’t know, guys. I can’t do another one of these video game movies. I can’t.

Source: Variety

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