Way back when we launched Gamnesia we talked about a feature
that seemed to us like it was 5 years in the making: User Accounts.  More than simply having the ability to
register and log into the site, you would have a fully robust user profile, the
ability to send Private Messages to any registered user, a better way to track
the comments you have made and who replied to them, and topping it all off with
a wiki/personal blog.

Of course, all of this was merely the tip of the iceberg.
With a fully integrated user system we could allow user reviews, ratings,
proper polling of the community, and so much more. Some of you may have noticed
yesterday, but we have now made our first step towards this goal. At the very
top of the site there is a link that says “beta login.” Unfortunately, most of you will not be able to log in at this time, as the beta system is only open to staff and selected invitees from the community, but it’s a sign that we’re getting ready to roll some new toys out the door

So that’s not exciting for the bulk of you, but what might be are User Profiles
– and our staff profiles are now live. In fact, what you see above is a screen capture of my own public profile.

Through my public profile you can see my latest post, a
short bio, some basic information, and some easy ways to get ahold of me
(Skype, Twitter, and Facebook handles). Of course this does mean that I am now
officially on Twitter @NateGAMNESIA,
which is something I should have done a long time ago. Feel free to follow me
as I’ll often be talking about ideas and upcoming aspects of the sites to
anyone who wants to listen. Oh, and those lovely opinions you hate so much.

I’ll also be responding to questions directly there, rather
than dabbling in the comment section, so be sure to head there to get your
questions answered (I can answer them via Private Messages as well when the
account system rolls out to the rest of the public). 

If you want to look at anyone in particulars profile right now, all of the author’s names are now clickable in each news post and article. Hey, don’t say we didn’t tell you “something” about who we all are!

In the end, this is but a small step, but it’s an important
one. You can look forward to us rolling out the account system for all of you
in the near future. Stay tuned!

Our Verdict

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc
I am the current Editor-in-Chief of Zelda Informer and have been running the show here since July 16th, 2008. I've actually been running Zelda Fan sites since 1998, so I've been in this "industry" for roughly 16 years. I'm 28 years old and have two kids, one biological, the other more of a step daughter (not legally yet, but practically). I live with my girlfriend and our two kids (Aiden, age 1 and half, Melody age 3 and half). I'm attending college to create video games web applications, and I naturally love Nintendo (I run a Zeld a website after all!). For those curious, I currently own a Wii U, Xbox One, 3DS, PlayStation 3, and a gaming PC (and a gaming capable laptop too!). I do plan to eventually get a PlayStation 4, likely when more comes out I am interested in playing on the system. I do play the Wii U more than any other system I own.


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