When Nintendo announced that the SNES Classic Edition, with the unreleased Star Fox 2 to seal the deal as a must-have item for Nintendo fans, the surprise among gamers was universal. And apparently more than just the potential consumers of the famous, never-before-finished sequel were shocked—the game’s main programmer had no idea what Nintendo had planned either!

Star Fox 2 programmer Dylan Cuthbert was as surprised as anyone when the game’s official release was announced along with a re-release of the original Star Fox on the SNES Classic. Having programmed the majority of the sequel before Nintendo canceled it late into the SNES’s life, Cuthbert is glad to finally see his work get into the hands (and paws) of those who have always wanted to play it.

“All a big fantastic surprise – awesome news! I think [Star Fox 2] is the main selling point of the new SNES classic – that and the original Star Fox finally getting a re-release!” — Dylan Cuthbert, President of Q-Games

Cuthbert also mentioned that he and his team finished their parts in making the final product back in the ’90s and that the only thing that had remained to be done before cancellation was the quality assurance done by the Super Mario Club and its testers. As a result, all existing ROMs (generally alpha or beta builds) that gamers have uploaded over the years and been playing are inferior in that sense, because the final polishing had yet to be completed.

“The final few months of iteration are so important for a game.” — Dylan Cuthbert

Nintendo is promising a completed Star Fox 2 to be released on the SNES Classic Edition, so there is bound to be some content and finishing touches that not even Cuthbert has experienced before. With exciting levels of replay value and the enhanced precision Arwings are capable of thanks to the game’s Super FX 2 chip technology, Star Fox 2 sounds like a game worth playing for anyone who has enjoyed other games in the beloved series.

Are you glad to finally see this game get its release all these years later? I am thrilled to finally see this game in action, especially considering it inspired so much in the franchise, from Star Wolf in Star Fox 64 and the walker in Star Fox Zero to the map system and strategy of Star Fox Command. Do you think Star Fox 2 will hold up and become a classic like the original? Hopefully, we will all be able to get our mitts on it and the SNES Classic Edition before the year is through!

Source: IGN

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