Nintendo recently released Star Fox Zero into the wild, reviving a franchise that has been around since the Super Nintendo days. The original Star Fox was able to exist largely thanks to programmer/designer Dylan Cuthbert, who moved to Japan to help bring the game to life. Cuthbert also had a hand in the development of Star Fox Command and Star Fox 64 3D, but he wasn’t around for the development of Zero.

Despite this, Cuthbert recently held a livestream of
Star Fox Zero during which he revealed some fun facts about the series’ development and busted some popular myths. Cuthbert tackles topics like how Corneria got its name, the truth behind the Star Fox characters’ “metal legs,” and Miyamoto’s famous terrible jokes. GameXplain has put together a video of the most interesting tidbits from the stream, and you can check it out by clicking above, or you can watch the full stream here.

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