The Nintendo Direct has just begun, and Miyamoto has revealed that Star Fox Zero is “finally ready.” He also revealed some new information on the game and said that the more you practice, the more fun it gets. Star Fox Zero‘s story and map structure are completely new, and there are lots of alternate paths in all the levels. The game will also feature teleporters that play a very important role in the story as they have a big impact on branching map paths.

Once you defeat Venom in the game’s normal mode, more paths will become available when players go back to it. Furthermore, the game sports the familiar group of mercenaries, Star Wolf, and SNES style Arwings (which are unlocked by scanning the Fox Amiibo). Finally, it was revealed that the game will also have a two player mode, so players can enjoy
Star Fox Zero together.

Star Fox Zero will launch April 22.

Source: Nintendo Direct

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