It has been approximately 5 days since Microsoft revealed their upcoming next-gen console, the Xbox One. Following the announcement, Microsoft stocks actually went down in value by around 0.70% and coincidentally, Sony’s stocks actually increased in value by 9%. The Wii U, on the other hand, has been doing even better. The disappointment in the Xbox One has caused the Wii U’s sales rank to skyrocket 875%.

Recapping on the Xbox One features introduced at the Reveal event, the One will include split-screen multi-tasking, voice recognition, video chat capability via Skype, live television viewing, an upgraded Kinect, and better specs than those of the Xbox 360.

Ever since Microsoft’s response to the PlayStation 4 was introduced, the fight between Microsoft and Sony has been heated on the stock market. As of today, Microsoft takes the lead, going up only by 0.35%. Unfortunately, Nintendo’s stocks have depreciated by 1.58%. 

Now if you’re someone who judges a game console based off of what you
hear, then prepare to have your virtues tested. Both the PlayStation 4
and Xbox One are looking at release dates of late 2013 and according to
many, the Xbox One proved to be a let down. However, there are those of the opinion that the variety of mediums offered by the Xbox One are great for today’s society.

What are your thoughts on the Xbox One, now that you know how it affected Microsoft’s stocks? Comment down below!

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