Nintendo Switch has sold faster than just about anyone could have predicted, and software sales have been through the roof. Numerous developers have reported higher than expected sales, particularly when it comes to digital-only releases on the Nintendo Switch eShop. In the case of at least one developer, that Switch hype was the difference between success and bankruptcy.

Indie team Castle Pixel first launched their
Zelda-esque adventure Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King on Steam back in early 2017. The results were extremely underwhelming, placing Castle Pixel in a tough financial position. However, they successfully managed to bring the game to the Nintendo Switch eShop, and the difference has been like night and day.

According to publisher FDG Entertainment, Blossom Tale‘s Switch sales have completely demolished what it accomplished on Steam. The Switch version has only been out for about three months (whereas the Steam version is approaching its one year anniversary in just over a week), but it has already generated 20 times as much revenue on Nintendo’s platform as it has on Steam. Thanks to this sudden surge in profits, Castle Pixel will be able to stay in business and continue making games.

Source: FDG Entertainment

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