An analysis from InfoScout used contrasted data from October video game purchases by 2,364 individuals with the purchases of 1,020 Black Friday shoppers. The results aim to show us how Black Friday affected the buying habits of millennials (defined herein as ages 18–35) and middle aged fans (36–55). Up from 40 percent in October, PlayStation stole 48 percent of Black Friday sales among millennials—a demographic that InfoScout notes is known to possess more fickle notions of brand loyalty than the generation before.

PlayStation also went up from 30 to 33 percent on the middle aged side of things, although it slightly lost out to Xbox’s 37 percent of sales in that demographic. Meanwhile, Nintendo’s products met a slight dip in sales in both demographics, dropping from 20 to 19 percent for millennials and 34 to 33 percent for middle aged gamers. You can see a chart of the results in the gallery below.

Source: InfoScout

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