Update: The Mary O costume is officially available now! The event stage is up and any player can get their hand on the guide’s persona. Nintendo has uploaded a video showcasing Mary O’s stage and character that you can watch above.

It seems like Super Mario Maker‘s next Mystery Mushroom Costume could be delving slightly into the meta. Mary O., Mario Maker‘s popular manual guide, will be making an appearance in-game pretty soon according to some lucky players who were around to see Nintendo accidentally release a few event stages early. The stages in question gave players access to both the Mary O. and Wolf Link costumes but were taken down, making them unavailable to anyone who missed them. However, Wolf Link’s stage will officially be releasing later this week on the 10th, so it’s conceivable to believe that Mary O. will be available then as well. If not, we will keep you up to date as Nintendo releases more information.

Are you a fan of the Mary O. character? Are you excited to play as her in
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Source: Nintendo Everything

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