The Nintendo Treehouse at this year’s E3 showed off a lot for its premiere game on the show floor: Super Mario Odyssey. Along with the biggest news of Mario and his hat Cappy being able to capture a plethora of objects, non-playable characters, and enemies in the game, lots of other details have shed light on just how much variety New Donk City, the Sand Kingdom, and other areas will have in the game when it releases this fall on October 27th for Nintendo Switch.

Each of Super Mario Odyssey‘s kingdoms evolve throughout the game as Mario solves the problems in each. Some areas—like the Metro Kingdom, home of New Donk City—transition to night when things get real, like in the Mecha Wiggler boss battle, in which Mario captures a tank-like enemy to shoot its weak point. The Sand Kingdom also has its own set of problems, as evidenced by the shivering citizens of Tostarena Town and the jagged ice that has sprouted from a cave lying beneath the desert sands. If Mario can explore the lower area, he might just be able to return the land to its original scorching glory, changing the land for the better and unlocking different collectibles along the way.

The main pickups this time around are Power Moons, which are much more plentiful in the game’s various worlds than Power Stars or Shine Sprites were in the other sandbox-style Mario games. Five moon fragments can also sometimes be collected to form one whole Power Moon, much like launch star and pull star fragments could be collected to progress further in the Super Mario Galaxy titles.

Certain characters that can be possessed also open up new paths for Mario to explore. The Moe-Eye statues in the Sand Kingdom, for instance, can flip their cool shades on and off to reveal invisible pathways after Mario takes control of their bodies. Scuttling along these paths reveals Power Moon fragments in the Treehouse footage.

The lion-esque Jaxi is another way to travel in the Sand Kingdom; these guys are much faster than anything else shown off so far, which fits the Sand Kingdom nicely. They can be called and boarded at stations throughout the level. While they are a little rambunctious as far as controlling them goes, the main challenge will be steering them to move through obstacles and other sandy areas that would take much longer to traverse with Mario alone. The motorscooter is another form of travel, this time confined to the Metro Kingdom.

If Mario did not already feel like a tourist in this adventure, the maps of each level are formatted as travel brochures on the pause menu, showing different landmarks and checkpoints Mario can or has explored. Speaking of checkpoints, Mario can warp to any one once he passes through it, making the flags his own.

Super Mario Odyssey has plenty of other details and nods to other games in the series. For example, Builder Mario from Super Mario Maker is one of the game’s many costumes and will be available for purchase from the Crazy Cap store in New Donk City.

With all of these new details from the newest trailer and the Nintendo Treehouse, how pumped are you for Mario’s newest adventure? What new part of this Nintendo Switch exclusive is the coolest, and what do you hope to see in the final game? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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