Before Gamescom 2017 showed off more of Nintendo’s latest Mario adventure, fans looking forward to Super Mario Odyssey could only get a few glimpses of the Luncheon Kingdom, the area in the game populated by living utensils and colorful slabs of giant foodstuff. With the new footage, however, the capture mechanic was shown in further detail on various enemies, and some of the Power Moon locations for the level were revealed.

The game’s producer Yoshiaki Koizumi also appeared to show off this new kingdom and talk more about Odyssey. As someone who has worked on Super Mario games since the plumber’s original 3D outing—Super Mario 64—Koizumi has decided to implement a lot of what he has learned in Odyssey. This includes having story-driven missions, like helping the civilization of utensils called Volbonans in Luncheon Kingdom solve its problem with Mount Volbono being stirred up by nefarious bird Cookatiel.

Koizumi and his team are also making sure to keep the motif of surprise alive in this game, especially with the capture mechanic that allows Mario to use his new partner Cappy to possess foes, such as the Podoboos bouncing through pink lava and the Hammer Bros. who throw frying pans in the Luncheon Kingdom. One of the Power Moons obtained in the Gamescom footage even features Mario possessing a Hammer Bro and using its projectiles as means to chip away cheese blocks to find the cosmic treasure.

There is much more to see as well in the videos below. So what do you think about Super Mario Odyssey and the franchise’s newest food-based level (of which there have been so very many)? Personally, any level that features destructible cheese is okay in my book.

Source: Super Mario Wiki

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