During Nintendo’s E3 2018 Direct we learned that a brand new Mario Party game is on the way to Nintendo Switch. Super Mario Party hits the hybrid console this October, reviving the classic Mario Party formula while adding in new features, like the online Mariothon Mode. Speaking of new game modes, Nintendo UK just released a special Gamescom video in which they unveil another new mode in Super Mario Party.

The video opens with the Nintendo UK team trying out a new board in standard play. Then, just before the 19-minute mark, they switch over to the newly-revealed River Survival Mode. While you typically compete against your friends in Mario Party, this new mode has you all in the same boat. Literally.

Four players paddle a raft down the river by making a rowing motion with their Joy-Con controllers. The river often splits, so players will have to work together to choose the best route. You’ll have a limited time to reach the end, but along the way, you can trigger cooperative mini-games by collecting balloons. Successfully completing these mini-games will increase your remaining time on the river ride.

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