Get ready to ruin your friendships, everyone! In just two days Nintendo unleashes Super Mario Party on the world. The latest entry in the long-running party franchise looks to return to its roots while offering new experiences in the form of additional game modes, like River Survival and the online Mariothon minigame mode. Is it a successful return to form for a series that has struggled in recent years?

In a word: Yes!
Super Mario Party currently has a Metacritic aggregate score of 78 based on 29 positive reviews and 9 mixed reviews. Most reviews see it as the Mario Party experience we’ve been waiting for, though some found it a little light on the content, especially when it comes to the number of game boards. Still, those criticisms aren’t enough to stop it from being the highest-rated game in the series in 20 years.

Based on Metacritic rankings (where numerous reviews are collected and averaged together for an overall score),
Super Mario Party outscores every game in franchise history except the original, which is currently only ahead by a single point. Compared to the 66 scored by Mario Party 10, Super Mario Party is sitting comfortably at a 78.

You can peruse dozens of reviews to get into the finer details of what people did and did not like by
checking out Metacritic.

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