Earlier today, Shigeru Miyamoto had the pleasure of revealing the second game created by Nintendo and DeNA, Super Mario Run. Although the game will release just months away from the launch of Nintendo’s NX system, Miyamoto confirmed that it will not have any connectivity to the new console.

He explained that Nintendo likes to include features like this when they are in control of their own hardware. Since the game isn’t releasing on their own hardware, it would be harder to plan a feature like this between Super Mario Run and the NX.

However, Miyamoto said that the game might have some connectivity with the My Nintendo service. He also mentioned that since the sales of Pokémon games increased thanks to Pokémon GO, Mario games might start selling better as well.

“We’re not planning on any connectivity with this game, and partially that’s because for our own hardware, we take responsibility for the hardware and ensuring the functionality is serviceable over the life of the system. When we bring in the hardware of another company, it’s tough to guarantee what another company is going to do with their hardware.

“But we do have the My Nintendo system, and so Super Mario Run will potentially have connectivity with My Nintendo and allow you to access, for example, your friends list and things like that. And then also on the kingdom-building side of the gameplay, there may be some opportunity for us to access that data and do something with that on our own devices.

“So of course as you’ve seen with Pokémon Go, we have millions of people who may never have played a Pokémon game, or maybe just knew the name Pokémon, who are now playing that game and learning the names of each individual Pokémon. And the result of that is that we’re also seeing sales of things like our original Pokémon Red and Blue games on the rise as a result of that. We think we’ll see a similar effect with Super Mario Run, and especially as we continue to develop Mario games for our own platforms that have more robust action and those sorts of elements, we think those will be appealing to the audience playing Super Mario Run on mobile devices.” — Shigeru Miyamoto

What do you guys think? Would you have liked to see connectivity between Super Mario Run and the NX? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: TIME

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