Since March, Nintendo has been releasing some of the greatest titles from the SNES era onto the New Nintendo 3DS. Players can already purchase the likes of Super Mario World, A Link to the Past, and F-Zero via Virtual Console and experience these gems on the go, and one more is joining the lineup of games today: Super Punch-Out!!, first released in 1994.

The 16-bit sequel to
Punch-Out!! stars Little Mac as he slugs his way through the many fighters of the World Video Boxing Association, such as Bear Hugger, Mr. Sandman, and the Bruiser brothers. Super Punch-Out!! also happens to be Charles Martinet’s debut as a voice actor in a Nintendo game, preceding his more famous role as Mario.

Also available on the eShop today is the Nintendo DS original
Style Savvy for the Wii U Virtual Console, a new wave of DLC for Fire Emblem Fates, Game Freak’s Pocket Card Jockey for the 3DS, and the following indie games on the Wii U: Escape from Flare Industries, Midnight 2, PixelMaker, SpaceRoads, Sudoku and Permudoku, and The Beggar’s Ride.

Super Punch-Out!! a part of your classic gaming library back in the day? Or do you plan on playing it for the first time today? Sound off in the comments below after watching the trailer!

Source: Nintendo Press Room

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