Mega Man will be getting a Dr. Wily’s Castle stage in the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. 4,
during which the Yellow Devil will appear and disrupt the fight. While
he’s on the field, the Yellow Devil will fire a barrage of attacks, but
unlike most standard stage hazards, you can fight back. True to form,
his only weak point is his eye, and when defeated, the Yellow Devil
explodes. His explosion is tremendously powerful, but won’t affect the
player who landed the final blow.

This boss stage changes the
rules of the game a bit, giving players the option to either focus on
the boss to cash out on his death attack, attempt to steal the final
blow, or fight as normal. Apparently, there are going to be more boss
stages as well. Is that a Ridley shadow I see?

Source: Nintendo Direct

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