Nintendo decided to try something new this generation, releasing both a handheld and home console version of their latest Super Smash Bros. game. This decision has paid off for the Big N, as their last financial report shows that combined sales of the two versions are higher than any previous entry. With 4.9 million copies sold on Wii U and 8.23 million copies sold on 3DS, the fourth iteration of Smash Bros. has a total of 13.13 million sales. This pushes it just ahead of Brawl, which sold 13.10 million copies on Wii alone.

The 3DS version of
Smash Bros. has sold more copies by itself than either the original game or Melee, while the Wii U version would be the lowest-selling entry in the franchise by itself, just barely losing to the original. We’ve also heard unconfirmed reports that the latest Smash will be ported to NX, so its numbers could continue to climb to record-shattering heights in the future.

Source: Nintendo

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