Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch is bringing back every character in franchise history. It can’t quite boast that it contains every level, but damn if it isn’t close! We previously reported that 80 different stages had been spotted, but that wasn’t the full list! Nintendo confirmed today that a whopping 103 stages will be featured in Smash Ultimate, and they also dropped lots of exciting new details.

After showing off a montage of popular returning stages (like Saffron City and Hyrule Castle), Nintendo officially revealed that a New Donk City Hall stage will be playable. All 103 stags will be present from the beginning of the game, and they’re organized chronologically.

Perhaps the most interesting and exciting stage detail revealed today was the addition of the new Stage Morph feature. When Stage Morph is turned on, you’ll select two levels instead of one. Then, mid-battle, the first stage will morph into the second one, and eventually back again. It’s just another way to mix up the action and keep players on their toes!

Source: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct

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