Last Wednesday, the Smash Fighter Ballot was launched on the Smash Bros. website, allowing fans to send in suggestions for new fighters to be potentially added through DLC. The ballot doesn’t provide a traditional voting process, but rather allows the voter to suggest any character, with more popular ones being considered for addition.

It’s been five days since the feature was first announced, and the site has gotten thousands of entries, some favoring certain characters more than others. A recent fan poll conducted through the Smash Bros. subreddit gives us a glimpse as to which characters are most wanted. While Shovel Knight seems to be leading the pack, King K. Rool and Snake aren’t too far behind. Hopefully Nintendo will genuinely consider fan favorites, rather than what’s easier to make. Check out the full data below.

Does your favorite character have a chance, or are they towards the bottom of the list? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit

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