After GameXplain’s recent hands-on experience with the upcoming Majora’s Mask 3D, they’ve uploaded a new video showing off one of the more unexpected changes of the game: swimming has been slowed down drastically, a big contrast from the high velocity and recklessness of the controls from the original version.

Essentially, the normal swimming controls are at roughly half the speed of the original. The old velocity can still be reached, however, by using the shield attack with the R-button, at the cost of some magic power.

Personally, I understand why this change was made. I’ve always loved the way the swimming controls worked in the old game (I always thought they worked even better than those in Skyward Sword, ironically enough), and the sense of speed they had made the water sections a lot more enjoyable, but they were a little too reckless for the cramped environments of the Great Bay Temple. The new controls will be a lot more precise in these sections, but will still let you use the old speed in the wide ocean at the cost of some magic, and even adds more use to the shield attack, which was rarely used in the original.

What do you guys think? Should they have kept the old controls?

Source: GoNintendo

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