PlayStation Vita was not what most people would call a successful handheld. Despite having a power advantage, it quickly found itself playing second fiddle to 3DS on the global stage, but Vita actually enjoyed respectable sales in Japan where handhelds reign supreme and JRPGs abound. However, despite a head start of more than five years, Vita has been surpassed by Nintendo Switch in Japan.

Switch is enjoying an incredibly strong holiday season thanks to hit games like Pokémon: Let’s Go and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and that surge in sales has pushed the hybrid console over 6 million units sold. With an estimated 6,112,110 Switch consoles sold, Nintendo’s hot new device has passed up Vita’s 5,955,448 sales in Japan. Switch passed up Vita on a global scale long ago.

Source: Media Create sales (via Resetera)

Image: The Indian Express

Ben Lamoreux


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