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Check Out Half an Hour of Katana Zero

During last month’s Nindies Showcase, we got a good look at an upcoming game called Katana Zero. This fast-paced action-platformer from Askiisoft features nothing but one hit KOs… for the enemies and you. Fortunately, you can rewind time upon your death, learn from your mistakes, and try again. Katana Zero hits Switch and PC on April 18th. If you’re not sure about buying it yet, we have some good news! Lots of footage has surfaced from review copies, including the game’s first 30+ minutes.

Click above to watch!

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The Smash-Inspired Indie Game Rivals of Aether is Introducing a New Character and a Stage

Rivals of Aether, the Super Smash Bros.-inspired indie game spearheaded by Dan Fornace and Flashygoodness, was first released for Steam Early Access last September. Development for the game is still underway, with an upcoming update on March 14th adding the final launch character and a brand new stage.

The latest trailer for the game introduces “Etalus, the Glacier’s Might.” The Ice Barrens native is a heavy character whose elemental powers appropriately allow him to manipulate ice to his advantage. As for the new stage, fans of Askiisoft’s acclaimed 2009 browser game
Tower of Heaven will be pleased to know that a crossover stage based on the title’s unique “Book of Law” gameplay will also be available in the upcoming update.

Check out the action-packed trailer for Etalus and the
Tower of Heaven stage above!

An official Rivals of Aether tournament will be taking place on March 16th at GDC 2016 in San Francisco.

Source: Rivals of Aether Blog

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