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Team Rose Gears up for Team Sonic Racing

Sonic’s new kart-racing game, Team Sonic Racing, will be hitting stores later this year. With Team Sonic and Team Dark already revealed, SEGA has finally revealed the next team of three to join the ranks of Team Sonic Racing: Team Rose.

This iteration of Team Rose consists of Amy Rose, Big the Cat, and a group of four Chao. Amy, of course, is the namesake of the team and has been the leader of Team Rose since its inception in
Sonic Heroes. The group of Chao consists of a baby Chao, a Dark Chao, a Hero Chao, and Omochao, and all four will be shoved into one Fisher-Price-esque car. Big the Cat’s inclusion is somewhat curious—SEGA’s former digital brand manager referred to Big as “retired” in a 2012 interview, and his last playable appearance in a non-mobile game was Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. But it looks like he’s making a return at last!

Team Rose’s roster has been a little shakier than the other teams throughout Sonic history. While Big and Amy are returning members, Cream the Rabbit and her Chao Cheese are noticeably absent. Additionally, Vector the Crocodile was also briefly a member in
Sonic Free Riders. We’ll have to wait and see if any of them make the cut on other teams in this new game.

There will be fifteen playable characters in
Team Sonic Racing, which means two more teams will be revealed soon. Team Sonic Racing does not have an exact launch date yet, but it will be available this winter.

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Knuckles, Tails, Shadow, and Big the Cat are Joining the Sonic Level Pack for LEGO Dimensions

One of my most anticipated expansions for LEGO Dimensions is launching in just over a month. Starting November 18th, retailers will be carrying the Sonic Level Pack, which includes Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Speedster, and The Tornado as physical figurines. While we don’t have any footage of the new levels, we now know a little bit more about what characters will appear in the new content. Joining Sonic and Dr. Eggman in the lineup, Knuckles, Tails, Shadow, and fan favorite Big the Cat will enter the fun as well. Here’s hoping we set off on an adventure to find Froggy!

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Sonic’s Twitter Account Teased a Game Called “Big’s Big Fishing Adventure 3” on April 1st

For many people, April Fool’s Day is a time to pull some hilarious pranks on your friends and completely troll the internet. Sonic the Hedgehog‘s Twitter account has consistently entertained his followers with hilarious memes and witty tweets, but on April Fool’s Day, he took it to the next level. For this year’s April Fool’s joke, SEGA collaborated with a fan studio to release a parody game called Big’s Big Fishing Adventure 3, and it is as entertaining as you would expect. The game plays like a visual novel where Big interacts with multiple character’s from Sonic’s universe and your conversations branch off based on words you choose to say.

In between the conversations, you are treated to a couple of mini-games that include a maze, Big the Cat’s version of Flappy Bird, and fishing. Fishing Adventure‘s music is pulled straight from Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, so fans will be familiar with the tunes as they traverse through the game. If you are looking to play the game yourself, you can click here and try it out!

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