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November’s Free PS Plus Games Include Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Dirt 3, and More

It’s almost the beginning of the month, which means another round of free PlayStation Plus Games. This month, players will be able to experience Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and The Deadly Tower of Monsters on their PS4 Systems, Dirt 3 and Costume Quest 2 for PS3, and Letter Quest Remastered and Pumped BMX+ on PlayStation Vita. Personally, I’ve been meaning to play through Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture for some time now. Do any of these games catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below!

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Costume Quest 2 Announced!

If you’re aware of Double Fine Productions’ busy schedule, you know that they are working on the second half of Broken Age, Massive Chalice, the recently released Amnesia Fortnight prototypes, and a couple other games that are still on their “to do” list. Well, why not work on yet another project? How about a sequel to the popular and charming Costume Quest? Double Fine has teamed up with Midnight City and have recently announced Costume Quest 2 for PC and home consoles.

Along with the announcement they have even given some details to the plot of the game.

“In Double Fine’s triumphant return to Auburn Pines, our candy-crazed
crusaders Wren and Reynold must once again protect Halloween from untold
horrors, and grown-ups! Your favorite trick-or-treaters will come armed
with a new batch of costumes they wear to transform into giant super
powered fantasy Hallowarriors. Yeah, we totally just made that up. Fans
of the original can look forward to a sweet upgraded battle system and a
story that is unmistakably Double Fine.”

Tim Schafer, the founder of Double Fine has also explained why they are working on a sequel to Costume Quest.

“Whenever Halloween came around, I felt like something was missing. No
matter how many pumpkins I carved, apples I bobbed, or candy I ate, it
just couldn’t fill the big spooky hole inside of me. But then I realized
what was missing: I needed more Costume Quest. And also, I really
wanted a T-Shirt with glowing skulls on it.” Tim Schafer

My Take:

This is an awesome announcement. I loved the first Costume Quest and it was one of my favorite games when it was originally released. The DLC add-on was also pretty good. It might have been slightly repetitive and short, but the overall charm and the solid RPG mechanics made the experience worthwhile. If you don’t know about the original game, you were two siblings going out on Halloween night and one of the kids got kidnapped. The one kid you chose to play as would then have to go save your brother (or sister depending on who you choose), while teaming up with two other kids. It was an immensely charming game and I would personally recommend getting both the game and the DLC add on. Plus, Double Fine Productions has had a great track record with their downloadable games like Stacking and The Cave. Hopefully this will help get some interest for a new Brütal Legend sequel and or an official release for the Brazen prototype.

What do you all think of this? Love the idea of a sequel to Costume Quest?

Source: GameTrailers

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