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For Honor and Forza Horizon 2 Headline August’s Xbox Games With Gold

Xbox Games With Gold is bringing in an all-star lineup for August. Four free games will be available for those with an Xbox Live Gold subscription—two for Xbox One and two for Xbox 360.

For Xbox One owners, Forza Horizon 2 will be available starting August 1st and will stay up until the 31st. Forza Horizon 2 is an open-world racing game released in 2014 to highly positive reviews. The next game in the series, Forza Horizon 4, will be released this coming October, so this may be a good opportunity to jump into the Forza Horizon series before the next title’s release.

From August 16th to September 15th, Ubisoft’s For Honor will also be available. For Honor is a historical, team-based fighting game. While it received middling reviews at launch, Ubisoft has kept supporting it since its launch last year and fixed many of its original flaws.

For Xbox 360, Dead Space 3 will be available from the 1st to the 15th, and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two will tag in on the 16th and will be available for the remainder of the month. Both games will be playable on the Xbox One as well thanks to backward compatibility.

Currently, Microsoft is having a sale on Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. While normally a twelve-month subscription costs $59.99, it’s now on sale for $39.99. The three-month subscription has also been knocked down to $9.99, the same price as a one-month subscription. The sale ends in a few days, so benefit from it while you still can!

Source: Polygon


“Epic Disney Racers” is a Cancelled Disney Kart Game Featuring Mickey, Scrooge, and More

Last week, we learned about a cancelled title from Disney’s Epic Mickey series called Epic Donald. Thanks to a page on the Epic Mickey wiki, yet another cancelled game, called Epic Disney Racers, has also been uncovered. Concept art for the scrapped game features characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, The Mad Doctor, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Cruella De Vil.

From the concept art, it seems that characters would each have had their own weapon, such as Mickey’s brush and Dewey and Louie’s exploding money bags. Interestingly, Mickey and Oswald are shown in a vehicle together, so perhaps there was some form of co-op play similar to Mario Kart: Double Dash.

What are your thoughts on Epic Disney Racers? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Epic Mickey Wiki

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New Artwork Reveals “Epic Donald,” a Cancelled Successor to Epic Mickey

A conceptual comic and game illustrator from Disney has released some artwork for sale that reveals concepts for a cancelled “Epic Donald” game. The game would have been a follow-up to Disney’s Epic Mickey series, featuring many of the characters from the classic era of the cartoons, like Donald Duck and Duckburg. However, it was unfortunately cancelled as Disney moved to a “more tablet oriented gaming focus,” according to the artist, Patrick Block. The team was paid for their work, despite the game never having been made.


“Walt Disney comic and gaming conceptual artist Pat Block here.

“In 2012 I had the very great pleasure and honor of working with Warren Spector and Junction Point on a follow up to Disney’s Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey II.

“The game was to feature Donald Duck, Duckburg, and the assorted classic world clan. I worked hard on a “Carl Barks” based Duckburg, puling scenes of the town from his comics and doing my best to keep a 1950’s feeling spirit about the game world.

“Sadly, this was about the time Disney decided to switch over to it’s current gaming, more tablet oriented gaming focus.

“While we were fully paid for our conceptual work on the project, to date, it has not been made.

“With the new DuckTales project in the works, I have hopes we still might see the game, with some of our work, get made.

“I hope this helps!
“Very best, and thanks for the interest in our duck stuff.


What do you think of this cancelled title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: AssemblerGames

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Warren Spector Wanted Disney to Make an Epic Mickey Film

Many people were captivated by the world of Epic Mickey, a game in which you explore a world of forgotten Disney cartoons while taking on the role of Mickey Mouse, who looks like he’s jumped straight out of his debut cartoon, Steamboat Willie. The game was often criticized for its poor camera controls but was highly praised for its use of forgotten creations from Disney.

Warren Spector, director of the title, has said that he once expressed interest in creating a movie adaptation for the series. In an interview with fans on Reddit, Spector was asked if he thought Epic Mickey had a future. He responded by saying that he once had plans to create a film adaptation. Spector had put together a team, a trailer, and a budget plan for the film; however, Disney rejected his idea.

“Does Epic Mickey have a future? You’d have to ask Disney about that. Honestly, I’d be a little surprised if there were any more games in the series but I guess you never know. Could Epic Mickey have worked better as a film? Better, hard to say but probably not. Could it have worked as a film? You bet. I actually put together a trailer and a budget and had a team lined up to make the Epic Mickey film but Disney didn’t bite. I REALLY wanted to make that movie…” — Warren Spector

It’s a shame that Spector didn’t have the chance to create this movie. What kind of film do you think it would’ve been? Should Disney have supported his idea and given him the green light?

Source: Reddit

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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Coming to the Playstation Vita Later This Year

In a relatively surprising announcement, Playstation Blog has revealed that Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two will be coming to the Playstation Vita later this year. The news itself is the bare-bones announcement with some promotional copy, so expect more actual details as we head into the E3 period.

This comes as a shock because The Power of Two was, by all definitions of the term, a flop. Despite releasing across all platforms from home consoles to computers, the game sold extremely poorly. So poorly, in fact, the the developer, Junction Point Studios, is now out of business.

The Power of Two was a real opportunity to improve upon the failings of the original Wii-exclusive Epic Mickey, but the game fell back into its old ways and was thus also critically unsuccessful. This seems like little more than a desperate attempt to bolster some more sales, but the Vita will not be the game’s salvation. Here’s PlayStation’s full announcement:

We’re really excited to announce that the magical Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is coming to PS Vita later this year!

Join the legendary Mickey Mouse on a fun-filled quest to bring a
splash of colour back to Wasteland – a weird and wonderful world of
forgotten Disney toons – in this long-awaited sequel. Exploring alone,
or alongside the loveable Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in a co-op adventure,
Mickey must use his enchanted paintbrush to find new paths, solve
puzzles and battle evil mechanical monsters.

Naturally, we’re making the experience even more epic using the
awesome controls of the PS Vita, including front touch for greater
painting accuracy and tilt controls for racing mode. Not only that, but
there’s also a two-player wi-fi co-op mode exclusive to the PS Vita, so you can unleash the power of two on the go anywhere, anytime.

Stay tuned for more updates, including release date and pre-order details.

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