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New Fire Emblem Heroes Artwork May Be Hinting at a Fire Emblem Anime

A few days ago, Nintendo’s mobile division announced a brand new set of warriors were on their way to Fire Emblem Heroes. They have been doing this sort of thing for months now, so what makes this instance so special? Well, aside from featuring some incredibly powerful new takes on popular heroes like Lyn, Ike, and Roy, the new lance-wielding form of Lucina has also caught a lot of fans’ attention, specifically due to text found on her new weapon’s official artwork.

Fans quickly began working to decipher these markings, and they soon realized that it was written in the alphabet from Fire Emblem Awakening. As shown in the image in the gallery below, once translated, it reads “animeprojectsuccess.” Fans have been (understandably) freaking out ever since, as well as speculating on what sort of anime it could be. Given that it appears on Lucina’s weapon, some are hoping for an adaptation of Fire Emblem Awakening, but it could just as well be a new, deeper take on the tale of Fire Emblem Heroes itself. Only time can tell for certain, so hopefully Nintendo will announce something soon.

What do you think about this secret? Do you think a Fire Emblem anime could actually be on its way, or are we getting our hopes up for nothing? Let us know what you think about all this in the comments below!

Source: Reddit

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