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Switched On! Breaks Down the Latest Nintendo Direct

Welcome to Switched On!, the new Nintendo-themed podcast from Gamnesia. If you were a fan of our old show, Nintendo Week, you’ll love Switched On! too. In our inaugural episode, Ben, Alex, and Jeff break down all the exciting news from the recent Nintendo Direct, including updates on games like
Super Mario Party and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and thrilling reveals like Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Animal Crossing for Switch. Stick around after the show for an update on the future of this podcast and Gamnesia podcasting in general!

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be listening to your feedback from this first episode in order to make Switched On! a better experience. Consider this first episode a pilot with changes and improvements to come. Once we hit our stride, you can expect Switched On! to become a regular weekly feature. We look forward to sharing more Nintendo fun with all of you going forward. For now, sit back and enjoy episode one!

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Nintendo Announces Luigi’s Mansion 3

Nintendo just kicked off another Nintendo Direct presentation, and it opened with something fans have been dreaming of for a long time. The beloved GameCube classic Luigi’s Mansion got a sequel and remake on 3DS, and now the series will continue on Switch. That’s right, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is coming to Nintendo Switch! The first-ever HD entry in the franchise will launch sometime in 2019.

Source: Nintendo Direct

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Rumor: The Nintendo NX Controller Will be Able to Stream Games from the Console While on the Go

Over a year ago, Nintendo teased that they were working on new video game hardware under the code name NX. They’ve been tight-lipped since then, but various rumors and reports have surfaced from industry insiders, and another batch surfaced today. This time, the rumors come from verified Reddit user 10k. This same user recently reported that four Wii U games are being ported to NX, which is a claim that industry insider Emily Rogers has also made. 10k’s track record is fairly unknown, while Rogers has been both very correct about some leaks and very incorrect about others. With that in mind, let’s dig into these rumors.

10k’s latest post contains a trio of big rumors, one of which we’ve heard before, and some smaller ones. 10k claims that
Luigi’s Mansion 3 is currently being developed by Next Level Games for Nintendo NX. This was previously put forth by industry insider Geno, but 10k claims he has two separate sources that are unrelated to Geno.

Arguably the juiciest tidbit from 10k revolves around Nintendo NX’s “gimmick.” According to the report, NX will feature a controller with a screen in it and streaming capabilities, much like Wii U. However, unlike Wii U, NX is said to be able to stream to its controller via wifi hot spots, letting you play your NX console games on the go on its controller. 10k clarifies that this does
not mean that NX will be a home console only, and there could still be a handheld unit. 10k claims to have three separate sources for this information.

The final big rumor is that NX will utilize a custom Polaris-like GPU. In addition to outshining Wii U’s hardware by far, 10k’s source (just one single source for this particular rumor) claims that it will be “marginally better than the PS4,” and that it could be comparable to the rumored PlayStation 4K.

10k’s post also contained a handful of smaller rumors, each with only one source, including:

  • Nintendo is using Vulkan with NX
  • Most dev kits won’t be available until NX is officially announced (Other sources have said the same in the past)
  • Final Fantasy XV is coming to NX (Othere sources have said the same in the past)
  • NX will launch on different dates in different regions
  • There are lots of NX games in development (Emily Rogers has stated as much in the past)
  • New IP are being developed

Source: NeoGAF

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Rumor: Luigi’s Mansion 3 is an NX Launch Title with Incredible Visuals

Industry insider “Geno” has been fueling tons of rumors lately, including Beyond Good & Evil 2 as an NX exclusive and other NX details. We don’t know how much truth there is to Geno’s recent leaks, but he has accurately revealed big news in the past, including scoops on Pok√©mon, Castlevania, and Kingdom Hearts. However, he has also been behind some rumors that turned out to be very false.

Geno is back at it again today with more NX rumblings. His latest claim is that Nintendo is working on
Luigi’s Mansion 3 as a launch title for Nintendo NX, and the game is set to be a visual masterpiece that lets the industry know what NX is capable of doing.

“Luigi’s Mansion 3 is planned to be Nintendo’s impressive visual launch title. The goal I’ve been told, was when the team at Next Level and EAD Tokyo 2 saw the American commercial for Luigi’s Mansion 2 (aka Dark Moon) their goal was to create something that visually stunning for NX and according to sources they have come “damn close to it” with one saying “it’s going to cause arguments on the internet whether it’s a bullsh*t or not despite us developers knowing you can achieve something like on the current hardware specs”. The game uses a lot of advance lighting techniques to create this “living 3d cartoon movie” look with insanely detailed shadows and transparencies. It also shows off the haptic analog sticks, which will resist when trying to capture ghosts. An AR multiplayer mode is also planned to be in the final version of the game.”
— Geno

As with all rumors, we advise you to take this with a grain of salt. That said, would you be excited to see Nintendo launch NX with
Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Source: DualPixels

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