The team over at Unseen64, known for getting the scoop on cancelled games, has dug into one of Nintendo’s well-known franchises to reveal humble beginnings. Before there was Star Fox, an independent company called Argonaut Games caught Nintendo’s eye by creating 3D models on Game Boy and NES and finding a way to circumvent Nintendo’s copyright protection.

Later they began creating a 3D game, first for NES and then later for SNES, which they dubbed “NesGlider,” as it was similar to their 1986 release Starglider on the Atari ST and the Commodore Amiga. The initial prototype was rough, but Nintendo contributed £1 million to the creation of a graphics improving chip, which became known as the Super FX chip. Then, with Shigeru Miyamoto leading the way, NesGlider was transformed into Star Fox. Click above to check out the footage!

Source: Unseen64

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