Take a Look into Reggie’s Animal Crossing Home


UPDATED: Reggie’s house is now available via SpotPass! Check out the Happy Home Showcase on your Animal Crossing: New Leaf account to see the home of our great leader. You can buy every item in there, except the Nintendo ones. – Jackson

How’s your progress in Animal Crossing: New Leaf coming along? Well, I can guarantee you’re doing worse than the president of Nintendo of America. Nintendo has uploaded a video on YouTube showing Reggie Fils-Aime’s home in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, with commentary by our great leader Mr. Fils-Aime himself. Take a look at his Nintendo museum, kitchen, gym, zen garden, and basement and feel the jealousy creep through your bones. He even throws in a nice quote that will make every Nintendo fan chuckle.

You can check out the video above!

How’s your house in Animal Crossing: New Leaf? Have you paid off all your debts? Sound off in the comments!

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