Earlier this year, Rockstar got mad at some modders over a mod called the FiveM (some sort of private server-type mod), blocking the modders’ Rockstar Social Club accounts and claiming that the mod was created to “facilitate piracy.” Despite that, the modders kept working on it, and now it sounds like they’re in even more trouble.

Ntauthy, the modder responsible for FiveM, made a post on Reddit claiming that Take-Two sent two private investigators to their house. The private investigators handed the modder a phone which was apparently on the line with someone in the UK who wanted to ”
discuss how to cease [the modder’s] activities with regard to Grand Theft Auto.”

The caller then went on to explain that they apparently don’t want to involve legal action — at least not yet — but that they’ve
“tested their legal standing already and are quite certain of their point.” They said they want the modder to cease working on FiveM and that that’s the only solution they’re willing to accept.

Here’s the full text of the modder’s Reddit post:

“So I just got a pair of PIs at my door claiming to be sent by Take Two, handing me a phone with a person somewhere in the UK or US or whatever to ‘discuss how to cease my activities with regard to Grand Theft Auto’, that ‘they know what happened before with Activision and want to not get the lawyers involved at this time’, however they ‘have tested their legal standing already and are quite certain of their point’ and ‘aren’t willing to accept any solution other than ceasing my activiites’. Oh, they also ‘couldn’t disclose any conversations they’re having with other modification developers’, didn’t want to talk about general modification policy as ‘it was just about my case’ and admitted they ‘looked through my source code’.”
— Ntauthy

So what are all of you thinking about this? Do you support the modders, or do you think Take-Two has valid cause for what they’re doing?

Source: Ntauthy (via Arstechnica)

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