Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick isn’t exactly enthusiastic about putting games in the mobile market, but he does see future potential in such platforms. He goes on to say:

“As tablets become more powerful, I am of the view that they’ll be a wonderful gaming platform – but they’re not quite there yet.”

Take-Two is notable because they are the publisher for Rockstar and 2K, which make what many consider some of the highest quality games in their given field. The NBA 2K series is among the best sport simulators on the planet, and Grand Theft Auto V was the best selling game in 2013. He went on to point out a few things about their success so far with a few mobile offerings, along with their perspective on Nintendo’s Wii U.

“We don’t differentiate between mobile and not mobile,” Zelnick said. “As long as we can distribute a game in a high-quality version – and as long as the consumer wants to interact – we’re happy to be there.”

Then on the Wii U:

“We haven’t talked about specific titles in development, but we’ve said our strategy is to meet consumers where they are,” he says. “If they’re buying hardware, we’ll be there with software. That said, we make these really big, AAA titles that work on some platforms, but not others.”

This was in response to a direct question about bringing their games to Wii U. Bottom line: If the Wii U gets into more homes and creates a viable consumer base that has demand for games they publish, they will support it. As for mobile, it really seems like it is just a matter of time. They don’t note differences between consoles and mobile – so when mobile platforms can deliver console experiences, they will put a lot of support behind it.

Source: GameIndustry.biz

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