Satoru Iwata served as Nintendo’s President for over a decade, but the beloved developer-turned-executive tragically passed away last July. After two months of deliberations, Nintendo’s board of directors selected Tatsumi Kimishima to fill the position. Kimishima previously served as the President of The Pokémon Company, the President of Nintendo of America, and Managing Director of Nintendo Co. Ltd before taking over as the President of Nintendo.

Kimishima officially assumed his current position on September 16th, making today (adjusting for time zone differences) the one year anniversary of his promotion to President. Kimishima doesn’t have the same sort of public presence as his predecessor, but he has provided valuable leadership behind the scenes, carrying out the plans set in motion by Satoru Iwata and
restructuring the company to prepare them for the future.

Kimishima’s first year with the company has been somewhat quiet, as few major 3DS and Wii U games released this year, but Nintendo has found other ways to stay relevant in the off year. This year, Nintendo has entered into the mobile market, changed their E3 formula (with impressive results), and even brought Mario to the Olympics. Despite the software drought, Nintendo’s stock has hit a six-year high under Kimishima, largely due to the announcement of their mobile endeavors.

Now that he has a full year under his belt, what do you think of Tatsumi Kimishima as Nintendo’s President? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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