A trailer was released the early morning of June 8 during the pre-E3 show, announcing the new free-to-play Tekken Revolution available now on the PSN marketplace.

The trailer announced the free download of the game for June 11, available only on the PSN network and only for the PS3. Numerous fans and E3 watchers caught the video and the news, but it seems that many more missed out on the big reveal.

The game will include eight different characters from which to choose, and the locations seen in the trailer vary from deserts and churches to construction zones.

The gameplay will include the usual controls and styles of the previous Tekken games and will feature different modes in which to play. These include an Arcade mode, where players will fight AI controlled characters, and an Online mode, where players can challenge each other.

The video also shows a sort of experience system where players can increase three attributes to the characters stats: Endurance, Power, and Vigor.

Contrary to what she says at the end of the video, do you think “you asked for it”? Is this the way all fighters should go? Leave a comment below.

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