Telltale showed off a trailer for Season Three of The Walking Dead during IGN’s stream at E3 2016, and fans noticed Clementine looks a lot older. In a segment in GameStop’s E3 coverage, Telltale’s Job Stauffer revealed some new information about the upcoming installment. In Season Two, Clem was 11 years old, but in Season Three she will be 13/14, meaning this season is set about two years after its predecessor. He also confirmed that, in terms of The Walking Dead timeline, the third season of the game is set around the same time as the current comics.

In the trailer, fans also spotted that Clem is missing part of one of her fingers, and Job confirmed that this could be a result of a decision you make in Season Three, or a decision you have already made. A new character  to The Walking Dead series, called Javier, is also featured, and it turns out that he is going to be this series’ main playable character along with Clem. Job also revealed that the game is located roughly near Alexandria, so we can expect to see characters from the show and comics appearing in the game.

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