Having DLC become available for games post-launch has become a common sight in the industry in recent years, but the Kingdom Hearts franchise has yet to embrace such practices. That may be changing for Kingdom Hearts III, as a new interview from IGN with series creator and director Tetsuya Nomura has revealed that he would like to include post-launch content in the game. At the moment, however, he doesn’t know what that content might be.

“In this day and age, most major titles do have some kind of content releases after their release. So since I considered Kingdom Hearts 3 to be one of those major titles, I do want to have something to add to your enjoyment of Kingdom Hearts 3, so maybe you could continue to play a little longer than release, but we haven’t really thought of anything in detail yet.”
— Tetsuya Nomura (via translator)

Even though Nomura hasn’t had much time to think about what the DLC could include, he does have some ideas. I’m sure there’s a strong possibility of new worlds and characters and storylines being thrown in (as if
Kingdom Hearts needs more of that last one), but there are also certain features from past games that Kingdom Hearts III will be lacking. Specifically, Nomura brought up the idea of bringing back the character customization options seen for Aqua in Kingdom Hearts 2.8‘s 0.2: A Fragmentary Passage.

“We don’t have any customizability that you did have in 0.2 in Kingdom Hearts 3. The development team does need some kind of extra time on their hands to be able to do something like that. Because we are so busy trying to complete Kingdom Hearts 3, we just don’t have any time to do that right now. But I think there is potential to maybe do something like that after release.”
— Tetsuya Nomura (via translator)

Aside from this DLC discussion, Nomura also commented on the possibility of bringing Kingdom Hearts’ major collection of past games,
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix, to Xbox One. It sounds like that isn’t in the cards right now, as they would need to talk to Microsoft about it, and “we haven’t even started the conversation yet.” Sorry, Xbox fans.

So, what would you think of bringing extra content to
Kingdom Hearts III via DLC? Is this a good idea, or would you prefer the game to be a complete package just like previous entries in the franchise? And what sort of content would you like to see the team add in post-launch? Give us your thoughts on all this in the comments!

Source: IGN

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