25 years ago, Nintendo launched the Nintendo World Championships. Touring twenty-nine cities across the United States, the competition saw gamers use a specially modified cartridge to try to earn the highest score they could across Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, and Tetris. The cartridges used in this competition, as well as their gold variants offered through a Nintendo Power contest, are among the most sought-after gaming collectibles in existence.

Today, a gaming store in Denton, Texas wrapped up a 25th anniversary celebration of this momentous occasion. Special guests included Thor Aackerlund, who won the original Nintendo World Championships, and video game personality Patrick Scott Patterson, who promoted the event. In speaking of the importance of this event, Patterson stated:

“Nobody had attempted a video game competition on such a grand scale before the NWC did. Over a million players took part in the competition as it went across North America that year and it all started right here in North Texas. The true birth of eSports started here. It is important to recognize and celebrate this history.”
— Patrick Scott Patterson

Among the events at the celebration were screenings of films related to the Nintendo World Championships and a competition based on the original, using the Nintendo World Championships Remix mode on
NES Remix 2 for Wii U. The festivities ran from yesterday through today.

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