Nintendo has been pumping out 2D Mario games for 30 years now, and in celebration of that milestone, they’re releasing Super Mario Maker on September 11th, giving players the ability to create their own Mario levels. With Wii U owners essentially able to create their own ever-evolving 2D Mario game, will Nintendo continue with the series?

Takashi Tezuka (who has been helping design Mario games since the beginning) tackled this topic recently, stating that Nintendo intends to keep making both 3D and 2D
Mario games, and in the case of the latter, he wants to do something that will exceed the New Super Mario Bros. games. Tezuka served as producer on all of the games in that series. He couldn’t offer any more details on what he was planning to do to top those games (which have combined for around 70 million sales), but he says we may see it “within a few years.” What do you hope to see next from 2D Mario games?

Source: Esuteru (via Cheesemeister)

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