A new episode of Jim Sterling’s Jimquisition aired today on online gaming magazine The Escapist. For the past few weeks Jim has been on a rant about Microsoft, tearing the Xbox One a new one nearly every week since its debut at the end of May 2013. Today’s episode continued that tradition. However, he also spent today’s episode showing off his dance moves, and praising Sony for all that it’s done. Or, rather, hasn’t done.

Yes, it’s true, Sony essentially won this year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) convention. Anyone with an internet connection and interest in the gaming community has most likely seen articles, news, reactions, and clever memes depicting this sound thrashing that Sony gave Microsoft. But it should be noted that, just as Jim Sterling pointed out, Sony didn’t actually do anything.

Sony’s announcement of supporting used-games, no DRM (Digital Rights Management), and no required internet connection was a big announcement, to say the least. But when you think about it, Sony’s not actually doing anything different. They’re simply keeping things the way they are. Yet, that seemed to be big news. It’s funny that “the PlayStation 4 can play used games” has to be big new for video games today. Imagine if Sony CEO Kaz Hirai’s announcement in 2006 was “by the way, the PlayStation 3 can also play used games too!” We would have thought they’d gone bananas! Well, they did charge $599 US dollars for the Giant Enemy Crab fighting machine, so I guess there were some bananas to be found. Bananas were also found at the Nintendo booth this year, but those were more of the Tropical Freeze variety.

Yet Sony’s announcement of simply keeping things the way they are now, and doing what any decent company with any sense of what good customer service would do, is being lauded by the internet, the gaming community, and gaming publications all over.

This is just a small piece of a much grander banana cream pie. For the full dessert, please check out Jim Sterling’s video above.

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