That may or may not have happened.


  1. Normally, I would agree but development hell is a real thing so..

  2. Wouldn’t say the delayed part about FFXV…

  3. I like that game though. Fuck you Miyamoto.

  4. FFXV was overly delayed and it’s still pretty shitty

  5. X is where that franchise ended.

  6. This logic only applies to consoles that aren’t connected 24/7 and cant be updated as they go

  7. People in here defending 13 like “at least its not 15” should probably unlike this page

  8. Still better than Nintendo games.

  9. And yet we’ll probably get FFXIII Trilogy HD for $60 in the next year or so.

  10. 13 was decent, 13-2 on the other hand… 💩 lol

  11. I enjoyed it, even if it did have clear issues. But no one has to like or dislike something. That’s all up to them.

  12. Eh…I liked XIII…everyone has their opinion. Tons of people hail VII as the best one, and to me they are just wrong…that would be VI.

  13. I liked the game, the trilogy was pretty fun.
    LR was probably the second, if not best, one of the trilogy. I really enjoyed the time mechanic and the whole killing enemies to extinction was an interesting mechanic.

  14. Good game, unlike ff8 which is boring

  15. I like FF13 somehow but -2 and thereafter are 💩

  16. XIII was fun, yall are just mean

  17. 13 part 1 is atrocious. Part 2 is 10/10. Part 3 is really good except fornthe the while time concept and how parts of the gsme shutoff because of time. Annoying- 10/10 ending tho

  18. Also, it’s funny how this is a post shitting on XIII but it’s probably just going to bring out the people who liked the game.

  19. I wonder how someone can say a game was just bad or just amazing. Even bad games have good ideas and vice versa. To each their own I guess.
    (I get that this is a joke though)

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