That’s a cute touch.


  1. I’m kinda colorblind, so for me there’s no change xD

  2. If in docked mode it goes off the controller you’re using’s colour scheme.

  3. A really cool detail for sure!

  4. If you’re docked it’s based on the controller you use. I started up with a pro and it was black. Took me a while to realize this.

  5. if you spin around in a circle with the joystick, your character will do a spin too

  6. My friends: “I can’t get my character look right!”

  7. Noticed that since I mixed mine from the way they came in the sets and thought that was odd they’d use colors not in a set together.

  8. I wonder what the daemon x machina controllers will look like

  9. It’d have been awesome to see the same attention to detail in the backgrounds of the battles tho.

  10. Noticed that too! Thought it was pretty cool c:

  11. This has been the way it’s always been!! 😅 a regular touch, moreso.

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