The Amazing, Fan-Made Remake of Metroid II Has Officially Been Taken Down


Update: Metroid Database is now reporting that the DMCA take down notice is legitimate

Original story: Nintendo’s Metroid franchise recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, and although Nintendo did nothing to mark the occasion, an incredible fan-made remake of Metroid II was released by fans. Unfortunately, this fantastic tribute has already been pulled from the internet. Fan site Metroid Database announced that they had been hit by a DMCA take down notice yesterday, and since then the game has also been pulled from its official website. However, this may not necessarily be Nintendo’s doing.

While Nintendo has been known for squashing fan projects in the past, someone else (or possibly multiple people) has also been making copyright claims on their behalf, shutting down fan projects without Nintendo’s knowledge. The staff at Metroid Database are currently attempting to contact the law firm that sent the email (Miller Nash) to see if Nintendo is truly behind the copyright claim, but so far they haven’t heard back. We’ll be keeping an eye on the situation and updating you as we learn more.

Source: Seafoam Gaming, NeoGAF, Ash Paulsen

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