Axiom Verge will be finally coming out for Wii U later this year, thanks to Blitworks converting the game’s code base to work with the Wii U and feature GamePad support. And it’s because of this overhaul that the game’s creator, Tom Happ, is once again considering a 3DS port for the game. Originally, the game’s framework was incompatible with Nintendo systems, but thanks to the porting gurus at Blitworks the pathway is open once again.

That isn’t the only limitation holding the game back however. The game was originally built for a 480×272 screen resolution, which doesn’t scale down properly to fit the 3DS’s 400×240 resolution. The game also uses a lot of shaders, which contribute to the games gorgeous graphics, but also requires more RAM than the base model of 3DS has. However, Happ has stated that none of these hurdles could single-handedly stop a port from happening, so a 3DS version of the game could be on the eventual horizon.

Source: Nintendo World Report

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