More news has finally surfaced about the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie. While it is still odd that the game itself remains a Japanese-only release, the property has still gotten fans excited. It has also gotten a director and script writers pumped enough to tackle the ambitious live-action film adaptation. Filming will begin in London in January of next year.

Rob Letterman has signed on to direct the movie with Nicole Perlman and Alex Hirsch as screenwriters. Letterman is known for directing the recent live-action Goosebumps movie and animated films such as Monsters vs. Aliens. Casting announcements are expected to be revealed soon.

What do you think about the talent lined up for Detective Pikachu? Did you expect the movie to start filming so soon? What is your gut feeling for whether this film will be good or not? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: Omega Underground

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