Other developers should envy the longevity of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac, two games that have consistently stuck around in the zeitgeist for years now. With a number of new ports that have trickled out over the years, both games have consistently popped up in conversation since their release. Now Edmund McMillen, one of two designers behind Super Meat Boy and the creative lead on The Binding of Isaac, is looking to the future by announcing a new platformer. After dropping a teaser on the Binding of Isaac blog, he went on to describe the upcoming game as a “Mega Man / Isaac-like crossover.”

McMillen is collaborating with Closure programmer Tyler Glaiel on this project. The two have previously worked together on the Newgrounds game Aether and The Basement Collection. The game will be coming out on PC and Mac, while consoles are still up in the air. Judging by the numerous ports of McMillen’s previous work, it wouldn’t be surprising to see his new title appear on most platforms.

Source: Eurogamer

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