Pokémon Reorchestrated is a well-known Pokémon fan project that makes beautiful, orchestral renditions of classic songs from the games’ soundtracks. If you’re a fan of their YouTube channel, you may have noticed that all of the beautiful tracks from the Kanto Symphony have been removed. As it turns out, this was done at the behest of The Pokémon Company .

According to the channel’s explanation, a representative from The Pokémon Company personally filed copyright claims against all of the Kanto videos, but none of the other videos were flagged. As a result, all of the Kanto songs have been removed, and the channel has received two copyright strikes. This is alarming, as a third strike gets the channel deleted. The channel’s creator, Braxton Burks, says he was not given an explanation as to why the Kanto videos are considered copyright infringement, as all of the songs are licensed, and he pays royalties on them. You can check out his video explanation of the situation by clicking above.

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