Hideo Kojima has been tossing around the possibility of creating a movie based on his popular
Metal Gear franchise for over a decade, and incredibly, it looks like there might finally be some progress on that front. Despite Kojima’s nasty divorce from publisher Konami (who retains the video game rights to Metal Gear), the movie project has been quietly making significant progress in the past year, and some exciting news has just been revealed.

Jordon Vogt-Roberts (best known for
Kong: Skull Island) was selected as the film’s director, and he’s been working closely with Derek Connolly (who previously worked on Kong: Skull Island, Pacific Rim: Uprising, and all of the Jurassic World films), who is writing the script. In an interview with IGN, Roberts revealed that the script is now complete and has been handed in for feedback.

Roberts claims the script is
one of the best I’ve ever read” and believes it’s the kind of story that would make people say “holy shit” if they read it. He also claims it sticks true to the tone that we expect from Hideo Kojima.

“I think it’s one of the best scripts I’ve ever read. It’s one of the coolest, weirdest, most Kojima things.”
— Jordon Vogt-Roberts

Roberts understands the difficulty of translating a video game into a movie, and he discussed the situation at length with IGN. A major problem, Roberts says, is that many directors fail to capture the true feeling of the game.

“People have tried to adapt games by simply adapting plot mechanics and story as opposed to sort of trying to tap into what you felt when you played that game. What did you feel the first time you played it? And then how do you translate that feeling cinematically?”
— Jordon Vogt-Roberts

These statements echo sentiments
he expressed last year. Roberts was unhappy with the direction the movie was headed and approached Sony for permission to make major rewrites in order to make a film that better captures “Kojima’s voice.”

“I really give credit to the people I’m working with at Sony, the executives and the producers. I was able to go to them and say, ‘Let’s stop where we are, because I think we’re heading down a direction that doesn’t fully capture why people love this game, what Kojima’s voice is, why people who have played this game for decades love it, why people who have never played this game will love it. I was able to say, ‘Let’s really think about whether we’re making the truest, most balls-to-the-wall Metal Gear version of this – the most Kojima version of this. And even if that means we make it for a little bit less money, let’s make the version of this that’s true to what it is, fully committed to what Kojima’s voice is.”
— Jordon Vogt-Roberts

It’s still a long, long way from a completed script to a completed film, but it’s exciting and encouraging to see Roberts and his team reaching this major milestone after the project was in limbo for so many years. Hopefully the film turns out to be every bit as exciting as Roberts believes it is!

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