About a year and a half ago, a manga series was announced for Fire Emblem Fates. The planned manga was set to be illustrated by Fates character designer Kozaki Yusuke, and the scenario was going to be written by Shin Kibayashi, a writer for many games in the series. We haven’t heard much about the project since its initial tease last year, and apparently for good reason. According to a recent tweet from Yusuke, the project has been suspended.

That said, there is (perhaps) some hope that a
Fire Emblem manga will still happen. Take a look at the message sent out by Yusuke:

“Regarding the Fire Emblem manga, due to various circumstances, right now the plans have essentially been suspended. Everyone who was looking forward to it, we are deeply sorry. Personally speaking, I would like to draw FE as a manga one way or another.”
— Kozaki Yusuke

While the phrasing isn’t exactly clear, it sounds like the announced
Fates manga is no longer happening. However, Yusuke personally still wants to work on a Fire Emblem manga. It’s possible that the manga was scrapped due to time constraints and other projects, but Nintendo could revisit the idea of a Fire Emblem manga for the next game. After all, Nintendo is planning to release a Fire Emblem mobile title sometime in early 2017, so there should hopefully create an influx of new fans to the series next year.

Source: Kozaki Yusuke (via Serenes Forest)

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