The highlight.


  1. The most important observation.

  2. Is he boning tifa?

  3. Teague Jenkin the important things

  4. I see he’s using the One Handed Angel technique as well

  5. Not all hero’s wear capes

  6. Daniel Santos Montilla LOL

  7. Theres a meaning behind that tattoo.. it means his D is as long and skinny as the sword.

  8. I need the link for this…. for science of course 🤣😂

  9. I remember this one.

  10. I’ve seen the Eagle Globe and Anchor in some videos, and I feel nothing but happiness for my brothers in the Corps who are now taming strange

  11. Trying watching an adult video and seeing a chick with a zelda tattoo 😂

  12. Dave Rubino is this you

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