Sony opened their E3 conference by showing off The Last of Us Part II. The game looks stunning, showcasing the realistic graphical features we saw in Uncharted 4.

The first thing we saw was a cinematic where Ellie is attending a dance. While everyone has a fun time, she simply watches from the sidelines. A girl pulls her aside to dance and they share a kiss. The video immediately flashes to a much different Ellie, who is now in the forest being shot at by multiple enemies.

Sony showed off how the game plays in this segment. Ellie can stealth her way around enemies, hiding in bushes and ducking under cars. But the enemies aren’t completely fooled. One of them actually checks under the car and finds her. Ellie seems pretty brutal in this game, using everything to her advantage for a fluid combat experience. At one point, she grabs an arrow off of a dead body to craft an explosive arrow, using it to kill one enemy and disorient the others.

The gameplay trailer flashes back to the kissing scene at the dance to bring the video full circle. You can check it out in the video above!

Source: Sony E3 2018 Press Conference

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